Technical Assessment of the Building Regulations Consolidation

October 27, 2021 , construction Products


Construction Products Directive is a canceled European Union directive that aimed to eliminate technical obstacles to trade in construction products across Member States in the European Union, namely the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Malta and the rest of the Kingdom. This decision was part of the EU’s effort to stimulate growth within its member states. The said decision essentially banned most forms of discrimination when it comes to the importation of construction materials and supplies in different member states of the EU, including certain industries like the building and construction, transportation, plumbing, catering, and construction. The ban also affects the activities related to disposal of waste and recycling of waste products. However, some construction products are still allowed in some member states, while others are no longer permitted at all.

The Technical Committee, which is in charge of the matter, met for the first time on 5 May 2021 to discuss the implementation of the Building Regulations Consolidation. Members of the committee were Mr. Barnard of the UK, Mr. Gavan of Ireland, Mr. Michael Caine of Malta, Mr. Kari Balding of the Netherlands, Mr. Reinhart Pravelli of Germany and Mr. Pawel Gozgljak of Poland. The meeting resulted in a consensus agreement on the establishment of a new regulation on construction products that will replace the current Building Regulations.

The new regulation is to be introduced into the United Kingdom later the year 2021, after the existing Building Regulations consolidation. A draft of the new regulation has already been approved by the Secretary of State for Business, Northern Ireland, and the Welsh Assembly. It is hoped that the introduction of the new regulation will boost the construction industry throughout the UK and help create many new jobs for the people of the country. A technical assessment is being carried out by the British Construction Industry Association (BCIA), and this will form the basis for the UK government’s response to the recommendations made by the BCIA, namely, that a further assessment of the impacts of the new regulation on the construction industry should be carried out as soon as possible.

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