Construction Products Regulation

February 17, 2022 , construction Products

The Construction Products Regulation was introduced to harmonize the assessment of construction products in the EU and is a good step for businesses and SMEs. The Regulation requires manufacturers to declare the performance of a construction product to a uniform European standard. In addition, the EU requires that all construction products must comply with a stringent system of conformity assessment. This system of standards and tests is also known as AVS. The website of the NANDO-CPR aims to keep consumers informed and help businesses make informed decisions.

The Construction Products Regulation sets standards for the production and marketing of construction products across the EU. It aims to provide an international technical language for the assessment of construction products and ensures that information on the performance of construction products is comparable between countries. This regulation also aims to reduce the risk of legal disputes because it makes it easier for consumers and professionals to compare different brands from different countries. The regulations are also good for the environment as they help preserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

A product is classified as a construction product if it has a permanent incorporation in a work. A construction product is a material that is placed in the market to enhance the performance of the works. The construction products may be in the form of materials, tools, or equipment. The incorporation of a construction product into a work can be temporary or permanent, but the process of removing it will also involve construction activities. Curtains are not considered a part of a construction product, as they are not permanent.

The EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 aims to eliminate technical barriers to the trade in construction products within the single market. This regulation places obligations on importers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as consumers. It ensures the reliability of the information on construction products by using a standardized assessment process. The aim of the regulation is to improve the quality of construction products in the EU, as well as to protect the health and welfare of consumers.

A construction product is a product that is placed on the market with the intention of permanent incorporation in a work. In most cases, these products are not intended to be permanent and may be removed at a later time. Nevertheless, they are not curtains, which are not a part of a construction product. However, they are considered a construction product. A building made of a material of a construction material can be a construction project.

A construction product must be CE-marked. This is a requirement for the EU to protect consumers from unsafe or sub-standard products. It is also essential for construction products to be CE-marked to be sold in the EU. This document should be produced before the product is placed on the market. It should also contain the relevant information and specifications that should be considered in the construction of a building. There are several reasons why this is important, and they can help you save money and improve the quality of your construction projects.

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