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Different Types of Building Construction Products

People generally look at the building structured as walls, roofs, and  floors. If you have the keen eyes to see through, you will see the five different types construction of buildings, particularly in respect of fire restorative ground. Fire resistive, non combustible, normal, heavy-timber, and wood-framed. The key Construction Products for building a house are:
Some of the natural substances are clay, sand, rocks, and wood that have been used as the construction materials. The construction materials list includes cement, sand, steel, ready-mix concrete , bricks, binding wires, aggregates, blocks, etc. In addition to these, there are a variety of environmental friendly materials that are used as for construction materials.
Types of Construction products
Buildings can be categorized into five different types of construction: fire-resistive, non-combustible, ordinary, heavy timber, and wood-framed. Based on the construction types,  there are various materials used in the construction of buildings. Following the above said types of building there are various types of building Construction Products. These are:
Cement binds substances that are used for construction. It hardens, and hold fast the other materials to join them together. The Cement which is rather used to bind the sand, is seldom used on its own.

Structural Steel

Structural steel is a well-liked building material, frequently used alongside solid to create imposing and durable buildings. Its flexibility, sustainability, and elasticity are some of the major reasons why people love them to be used as cost-effective material.
Fortification Steel
Steel reinforcement bars are used to improve the tensile strength that is capable of being bent shaped, drawn out, since concrete is very weak in tension, but is strong in density. Steel for the high temperature thermal expansion co-efficient almost the same as that of the solid material.
Reinforcement Steel
This steel is made to use to perk up the tensile force of the concrete, as the  concrete is very weak in tension, but is strong in increasing the density. Because of the elongation of steel or for the high temperature thermal expansion constantly equal to that of concrete. Carbon steel as a Construction Products  is mainly universal form of steel rebar which is usually used as a strengthening device in reinforcing concrete and masonry structure holding the solid in density.
Bitumen is the last of the fractional end product of crude petroleum. It is non-crystalline solid or thick and sticky material without any glue. It is a derivative of  petroleum with the help of natural or refining procedure. Bitumen is used for construction of road, waterproofing, roofing, and other applications.
River sand or Natural sand as a Construction Materials
The river sand which is white-gray in color, is the finest type of sands used in the building construction, mostly in concrete and masonry work. They are used for plastering, RCC, and for  other block works.


The concrete, which include crushed stones, fine accumulation, cement, is the frequently used construction material across the world.
Ready-mix concrete
Ready-Mix Concrete is the readily mixed concrete manufactured in a set plant, following the set of engineered mixed up design.
Binding wires
Binding Wire as Construction Products is used for the purpose of fixing of building construction.  It is widely used in the construction sector for binding the rebars at the point of  joints so as to keep the structure intact. Binding wire is also called “annealed wire” and is made out of mild steel.
Fly Ash
Siliceous and Aluminous  are two components found in Fly ash. When these components is combined with water form Cement. The fly ash is the important ingredients for lots of cement-based products.
Aggregate: Construction Materials
Construction material aggregate, or simply the aggregate, is a wide category of rough to medium-grained particular material which is used as a construction material, along with gravel, sand, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates which are the most excavated materials across the world.
A brick is an essential Construction Products used to build walls, pavements, and other things in brickwork construction. In the right way, the term “brick” indicates a block that is composed of dried out mud, but informally it is used to denote other chemically treated construction blocks. Bricks joined together by using adhesive, mortar or by interconnecting them. Bricks are produced in abundance in different types, classes, materials, and sizes which differ with differences of time and region.  They are created in huge quantities.
Blocks constructed with cement or concrete,  may include an empty core in order to turning them lighter and to get the insulation property better. Presently they are now made to use for a wide range of purposes, like the building of partitions, load-bearing walls, foundations retaining walls, etc.
Apart from aforesaid Construction Products there are many more items that are used for construction. Browse related web site and choose the products that you need.